Cinema of the Anthropocene

Co-curated with Isabelle Carbonell as The Panorama Collective, Fall 2017. 




Speculative Futures



Industrial Food


Rising Seas

Disasters & their Afterlives


The Urban Landscape

10 week screening series, Series WebsiteWinter 2016

The Hustle

A 12-evening film program inspired by Samuel Delaney's Times Square Red Times Square Blue, 1999.
Co-curated with Marc Francis Newman
Winter, 2014

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The Films

  1. 42nd St (1933) dir by Lloyd Bacon,  choreography by Busby Berkeley.

  2. Midnight Cowboy (1969) dir. John Schlesinger, written by Waldo Salt.

  3. My Hustler (1965) dir. Andy Warhol.

  4. Saturday Night Fever (1977) dir. John Badham.

  5. Cruising (1980) dir. by William Friedkin.

  6. Shortbus (2006) dir. by John Cameron Mitchell.

  7. Girl Six (1996)  dir. by Spike Lee, written by Susan Lori-Parks.

  8. Times Square (1980) dir. by Allan Moyle.

  9. Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) dir. by Susan Seidelman.

  10. Paris Is Burning (1990) dir. by Jennie Livingston.

  11. The Landlord (1970) dir. by Hal Ashby.

  12. The Wiz (1978) dir. by Sidney Lumet, edited by Dede Allen.

Still from  Times Square , dir. Allan Moyle, 1980.

Still from Times Square, dir. Allan Moyle, 1980.

Are You Together?

MIX/NY 2005 | Experimental Queer Shorts program, curated with EE Miller

Total Running Time: 70 minutes

The shorts in this program share queer relationships between image and sound. This program invites the viewer to engage with the question of relationship and interpretation in documentary and narrative forms. The conversations between what you see and what you hear structure explorations of changing landscapes, real and imagined times and places. Featuring New York premieres of Diane Bonder's "you are not from here" Bill Basquin’s “Martin,” two new videos by Paula Cronan, and Samuael Topiary’s/ EE Miller's "Gum and Tea."


PERSONAL EFFORT, Paul Rowley and David Phillips (2004, Ireland & US, video, color, 2 min) 
A push-pull, tug of war between found footage and its digital manipulation.

FARM-IN-THE-CITY, Bernadine Mellis & EE Miller (U.S. 2004, video, 5:00)
8mm footage from the 1930s edited with EE Miller’s interview with Corinna Press, an artist who imagines giant possibilities, ecstatic collaboration and struggle.

MORE BREAD FOREVER, Stephanie Gray (2004, U.S. hand-processed super 8 film, b/w, 11:00)
The view from a bicycle of the filmmaker’s Buffalo neighborhood -- a changing landscape and the hold that memory has over the ways we view what we see.

GUM & TEA, Samuael Topiary & EE Miller (U.S., 2005, video, color, 5:00)
A collaborative meditation on oral fixation and US currency. EE Miller’s interview with Xylor Jane about her fanciful proposition for the President of the United States inspires Samuael Topiary’s animated collages.

BECAUSE I LOVE IT, Paula Cronan (U.S., 2004, video, color, 2:43)
Because we love Cronan’s gorgeous manipulation of color and texture.

YOU ARE NOT FROM HERE, Diane Bonder (U.S., 2005, video (shot on Super 8), color, 9:00)
MIX veteran, Diane Bonder’s follow-up to the award-winning “If You If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now” This exquisitely photographed film explores gentrification and the ways in which the neighborhoods we claim betray us. Shot in super 8 and narrated by Philip Horovitz.

MARTIN, Bill Basquin (U.S., 2004, 16mm film, b/w, 5:00)
MIX veteran Bill Basquin’s latest film is a poetic portrait of a sheep shearer in New Zealand. Delicately sub-textual, Basquin's film suggests meaning, desire, and identification with a sure hand and quiet exposition.

COOKING THE WAY TO A MAN´S HEART, Liz Rodda (U.S. 2005, video, 3:42)
An audio collage of old advertising soundbites provides an eery suggestive landscape for playing with dolls.

TILTED, Kai Ling Xue ( U.S., 2003, video, 5:00)
Found 16 mm medical footage from the Seventies provides inspires a testimonial narrative from the survivor of a queer “condition.”

THE DELTA, Daughters of Houdini Carolyn Ryder Cooley & Zoey Kroll (U.S., 1997, video (shot on super 8 film), color, 4:00)
A surprise encounter with a ravaged landscape: an accordian, assumed identities, and a search for native narratives on a ruptured road.

ENDGAME, Alina Grumiller (U.S., 2002, video (shot on 16mm film), color 12:30)
A time-lapsed view from the filmmaker’s Frankfurt apartment records the construction of a large commercial building. The sound places the visual narrative during the weeks and months following the 2002 US bombing of Afganistan.

STAINS AND SPARKLES, Paula Cronan & Juliana Snapper (U.S., 2004, video, color, 5:17)
Operatic television animation, the color sparkles and interlaced fields of color set to an enigmatic and beautiful composition and performance by the great Juliana Snapper.