2004 - the year of unexpected disasters

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We ushered in 2004 with news of the earthquake in Bam, Iran. (6.6 quake that killed 26,000 in Bam on Dec. 26, 2003). Another ancient city in ruins, only this time, through no doing of our own.... how strange that 2004 would end with an even bigger, much more far ranging catastrophe from an earthquake. In between, there were hurricanes and other forces of nature to remind us of our tenuous relationship to security and stability. I read that Saturn is in Cancer right now, from June 3, 2003 - July 16, 2005, which according to the people at www.artcharts.com means that during this time, we humans are reckoning with our relationship to security - a time of increasing government control, bad weather, rising unemployment and depreciating property values (tell this to NYC real estate) and it also says: "The land can literally quake, increasing the potential for earthquakes." (I'm not making this up.)

Of course, there was the unexpected disaster of the election. Which, by the way, http://www.ContestTheVote.org is still looking for people to sign their petition -

But, I think, for those of us who did survive 2004, it has been about gathering strength, gaining strategy knowlege through loss and disappointment - it will make us stronger. Goodbye to supoorting candidates who 'support the war.' Goodbye Reagan, Arafat, Sontag - old guards of thinking. The Modern is new again. And my generation, all of sudden, we are the adults.