B of A's invasion of red

I'll admit, I hold grudges against colors. Like, for example, I've never really forgiven purple. And this is because of Myra Leibster, who my dad dated when he first left my mom. This woman (who had her own children) wore only purple - purple cowboy boots, purple leather jacket, purple socks, everything purple every day. This was in the early 80's when purple was really popular - so it kind of seemed like a fashion move gone OCD. (She eventually became a second grade teacher at the school where my Mom still teaches and even as late as the mid 90's she was still wearing only purple and my mom told me that the kids in the school all called her the purple lady. So I guess it wasn't just a fashion thing on her part.)

But - anyways, the real reason for this post tonight is to report on the trend of big corporations going red. Specifically the previously-ubiquitous-only-on-the-west coast, sinisterly-named Bank of America, who has recently swallowing up Fleet and other East Coast provincial banking institutions out here in NY metropolitan area... Now, I know, it's not really shocking that B of A would starbuck it's way east and onto the streets of NYC, but what really disturbs me is it's sudden, post-election color shift.

Which is to say, when I lived in SF, the B of A's logo was predominantly blue. It always had a blue & red theme, but the backdrop was BLUE. And now, all of a sudden, B of A has materialized with a suddenly revamped logo which is predominantly RED. I take this personally, I take this as an invasion - an politically-charged aesthetic invasion. And, I'd like to point out the irony in the new chosen affinity for Red that this big money, corporate interest has... now that "communism is dead."