bad education

the constant tangling of a movie within a movie, an unfolding plot seems to keep its writer/director central protagonish guessing as to the meaning and motivation of his own characters
second, a viciously funny pot shots at the catholic church
which doesn't just make a movie that gives us the cliche of the injured boys at the hands of the pedophile priests,
everyone in the film is guilty of suffering the bad education at the hands of their beloveds
almodóvar is enraptured by the magic of fiction and the power of the story to transform not only its characters but itself
like a pudding, folding in on itself, as we lick the bowl
and of course, its pretty to look at - not just the boys, but the wall paper, the colors
a field of young catholic school boys pathetically doing push ups to the orders of the fat priest
hustlers upon hustlers, each one trying to steal something from someone else

it's not sincere and heartbreaking like Talk to Her
though they both share the spanish appetite for the surreal
its a wicked and cold and noir'ish plot turning film about storytelling and acting
hustling and theft