notre musique

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Goddard's 3 part harmony - part Chris Marker (Hell), part No Exit existential fiction ramble, part... Yvonne Rainer film is the only reference I have, but I know she was really inspired by him - so...?

the experience of watching the film was definately enhanced by the presence of John Waters, who was sitting right behind us, as it turned out - hearing him chuckle during this odd film added surreal to the already surreal

i took the film as a meditation on the role of victim - purgatory was set in sarajevo
fitting backdrop for the french-israeli-russian jewess beauty who interviews a palestinian about victimhood and defeat
the palestinian says that no one is interested in them, they are only famous because of who their enemy is: the jews - the ultimate victims who have become the oppressors
the israeli-palestinian struggle (war?) boiled down to a european fascination with the endless transmogrification of the jew

in the end the jewish woman martyrs herself - gets shot in the name of asking people to die for peace

i can't help but think about this film in relation to the interview with Amos Oz today on WNYC - Amos Oz who talks about his own transformation from right-wing zionist in his youth to socialist patriot to contemporary critic of israeli policy

i fantasize that we are a world moving toward more complex ideas about humanity - rendering violence and oppression obsolete - because we have so much work to do to invent sustainable methods for power and nourishment, rebuilding the ruins created in the name of security

I dream that we will take to the streets, inspired by Kiev, inspired by our own disgust with this corrupt empire
may we crumble into a thousand disparete humane pieces
reject the tyranny of corporate global consolidation
and get back to our own small business of growing things
and helping each other to live through this
in slow and beautiful color