the tyranny of connectedness


I love that they chose this cartoon to put in the midst of the amazing and beautiful article by Calvin Tomkins about Paul Chan, "Shadow Player."  (New Yorker, p. 40-45, May 26, 2008 edition)

somehow it softens the blows of the middle age regarding the ascendancy of the fierce youth in our midst --

other highlights include: the photo of him by Steve Pyke that makes the shadow of his projection look as if there's a japanese rising sun bandana tied around his forehead, chinese brush painted calligraphy on his chest...

and these inspiring & inspired Paul Chan thoughts from the article:

"Certain works of art resist our attempts to interpret or explain them, Chan believes, and that resistence - what he calls their 'articulate speechlessness' - is what gives them enduring power."

"Part of the pleasure of reading Derrida is precisely that I do not have to understand him. Comprehension is not the game. I don't care what he thinks he's saying _ I want to read word for word, and pay attention so much that I begin to hallucinate. Which I think is a very reckless way of reading, but for me a productive one."

internet access = "the tyranny of connectedness"