urban outfitter progress

I came upon this display at the Urban Outfitters on Broadway.

the green Obama t-shirt says "Obama says knock you out" -- what does that mean???  it's so weird!

The whole display included this too:

Stephen Colbert & the matching books "How to Win a Fight with a Liberal" "How to Win a Fight with a Conservative."  
I find this deeply creepy.  I think that the store people (liberals from Boston who genuinely support Obama???) think that they are supporting the Obama cause with this sort of thing.  Or are they just making fun of the whole "political" season.  I mean, maybe I'm over thinking this... but I feel like the emptying out of real content -- let's jump on the fashion bandwagon and make money off of the image... commercialization of 'hip' is exactly why people in the middle (age/america) don't 'trust' the "Obama thing" - as it's portrayed -- it's hip to be green, it's hip to like Obama -- let's spend money on the t-shirt so we'll be cool -- but don't worry, it's all for laughs - we don't really believe anything.

Yuck!  I did buy a pair of cute sear-sucker shorts there though.