the wave

So, I went to a YANKEE'S game on Sunday and this amazing thing happened.  The home team, the bronx bombers, were down 5 to 2 against the Seattle Mariners.  And then this wave started.... one section of the crowd did the wave and it just kept sequentially going through the whole stadium -- it went around like 3 times!  It was amazing.  The stats on the board said there were upwards of 53,000 people at the game -- it started way up in the bleachers and then it was like a yawn, totally contagious -- it just kept going around -  it even went from the section before this big gap in the audience (batting cage & big scoreboard part of the stadium w/ no stands) -- and in perfect timing - the other part of the stadium picked up the wave and kept passing it around.  I don't know if I've ever seen anything like that.  But it did make me believe in the power of the crowd -- and after that - the Yankees scored big -- 3 runs, surpassing the Mariners and won.  It was the will of the crowd. 
That experience almost offset the sinking feeling I had when they announced all the military stuff and I realized that professional sports is just one more part of the military-commercialization-complex in which we live.