Calm in the Swirl of History.  Barack's 'victory speech' on YouTube

So I just finished watching the HBO 'Recount' show.  Crying some tears about the failure to stand up and fight against theft and corruption of  power.  Though the film did an interesting job of really laying out the nuanced shades of that particular fight and that particular time.

Kevin Spacey did a great job of being the soul behind the Gore recount theft.  Though, the real star of the show was Laura Dern as Katherine Harris who conflates Queen Esther with a fame hungry, southern Christian 'good girl' who perhaps believes that she is saving "the little Jewish people" by delivering Bush.  The strange Bob Balaban character Ginsburg who was Bush's campaign attorney - is he a self-hating Jew wanting to hang out in the Power Boys club?  I think maybe he's more one of those Zionist Jews who willed Bush into being so that he would kick some ass in the Middle East and stand up for Israel.  (And look, he's really did kick ass in the Middle East).  Interesting to find out that Lieberman was a turncoat all the way back then in 2000, when he stood up for counting all military ballots not just the ones dated & signed.  (I wonder, was that the HBO spin or genuine history?)

Obama just called our nation "the last best hope on earth."  I really want to believe that stands for the ability to reach past shallow patriotism to a more humanist view of country as a place and not the only place; country as part of community and not apart from it.  

Or maybe it's just that we are at that moment where this is the last best hope on earth, right here, right now.  If we can really turn this thing around - this SOB SUV of a country we're still in...

Oh idealism, stay here.  Help us get through the trying times, make us strong and ever fighting for truth, justice and a way past what has come recently to be defined as American.  Bring us back our Quakers, our abolitionists, our native forebearers.  The urban fighters for unions, the treehuggers, the anti-war activists, the soldiers who stand up and fight against injustice and intolerence - who stand up against corrupt generals and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights .  Let us remember to honor the land.  Let us remember to honor all creatures, great and small, and the deities among us, the trees, the waters, the fields.

Try the war criminals.  Impeach the bastard.  Let's hope that change isn't just a flip of the coin, but a true paradigm shift, a full revolution in the great wheel of fortune.