the cloud

cloud: location of all information, the infinitely accessible power, that through which we fly 

daedalus' project for human flight, the urge for limitlessness -  empire and the abdication of responsibility

david pogue's enthusiasm about is troubling to me.  I think he too blithly believes in the benevolence of corporate america. yes, apple. one empire begets another. the smug satisfaction of the way that MobileMe dismisses Internet Explorer -- a put down ten years in the making: MobileMe won't work with Internet Explorer since it “has known compatibility issues with modern Web standards."  But, really, we're just being swallowed by a giant with a different name.  Minotaurs and mazes -- the trap of the human mind - we just can't help ourselves, drawing ourselves into a corner with our brain.

The apple v. pc war - a branding shift, like obama v. bush -- dominance can't believe it's here but it does believe its power and dominance is for the general good, since the idea of the general good has been so deeply corrupted into outright hypocrisy.  I think Marshall Curry's "Street Fight" told our story - Cory Booker is so much a parallel to Obama, albiet on our local Newark, NJ scale.