46 more days to go


working folks stand up for themselves

the US in the icaran free fall

criminals scatter into the media

frost nixon makes it to the screen

the long cold winter, a prank phone call on democracy

presidency stolen, presidency returned

thieves alight, old economies topple down

london bridges falling like the value of the pound sterling

barber shops for car industry concessions

labor gets a hair cut and the banks go rolling down the hill

the carbon footprints 

all that remains of our old chemical economy



republic windows and doors sit in

on the rachel maddow show, it’s monday, 12-7-08

and bank of america is refusing to give the company a loan!!!

workers negotiate with the bank that owns their factory,

gave its employees 3 days notice

before they shut its doors

and so the workers sit in

demanding their vacations and some severance pay

who controls whose assets? 

workers hold their old furniture, the office supplies, 

the windows of the republic, yes, its doors

as yet unbought and uninstalled

while bank of america gets our bailout billions

massive protests planned for chicago

obama expresses his support 

and when the president says he’ll get behind that

it's time for us to fight 

as long as its going to take, 

the rights of 17 years

the united electric

in work we stand.


9/11 suspects plead guilty 

the day obama wins.

What does this mean for martyrdom and the death penalty?

Does the state become their salvation

or ours?

Are we not supposed to be infuriated?


sho-time weeds

wacky women fucking up in the suburbs

stepford scissorhands

jumpcuts in generations

children fucking cocaine

the degeneration of californication

the shift from absurdism to teenager soap opera

poppy edge

poppy edge

lost angeles

left coast, left handed

lesbian luscious vicious

sho time

sho enuf 

uncle tom cabins

a restaurant six feet under

cafe funeral palour games

straight men being good to women 

while completely objectifying them and at the same time worshipping them

as mommies

Are we not supposed to be infuriated by this?


Admiral Shinseki stepped down when he was ignored by Rumsfeld

someone always has to be right about troop surges.

Obama’s new thumb in the eye appointment as the head of VA,

Privateer blackwater mauraders charged with manslaughter,

How many more insults to Rumsfeld can we muster? 

(It’s not like Mayor Ray Nagan as the head of FEMA.)

The Japanese-American Vietnam war vet with decorations

he lost a foot in battle, 

true heroism is always a lost limb or something lost....

Kennedy's war replaced another Asian racism

hip hop for the corporate set,

he’s so low profile, can he lead such a big obstacle?

The massive challenge of the VA

like the big 3 auto makers

behind the times, not receptive to the needs of their customers, 

failed to innovative, failed to experiment with new technologies

the VA needs its massive bailout too 

and what should we do about the private security contractors

guys with guns this deeply involved in our operations

will they get to visit the VA too?

what will end the rumsfeld era?

the stop gap measures

our addictions to hired guns

bad for the military, bad for civilians, bad for troops on the ground

the competitive 6 figure money dynamic

and the way that money sits among

a community of vets with their hospitals crumbing

and now the taliban are a semi permanent presence in 72% of afganistan

tell me again, why are we telling people 1/2 way across the globe

who should make their rules?

oh israel, oh zion

our addiction to that holy sand

the quality of the everlasting sun

the most blessed of all land

we all remember 

we all dream 

we want our right of return

and that salt of the dead sea


there is always the poignancy of Ron Howard 

having voted for Nixon in 72

and after the whole watergate thing 

we realize that the person we thought would be the safe choice

turned out to be really wrong for the country

and how crushed we are to have been so wrong

so wronged


Economy in a tailspin

the president pardons turkeys

his passive aggressive disappearance act

foisting the new guys into control

their trial by fire

flames licking our heels

the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

they don’t need no water

let the motherfuckers burn