Simone Forti at Roulette - Oct 28, 2011

SIMONE FORTI, an evening of Movement, Sound and Spoken Word

: Walking the Forest - with "molimo" horn
: Sleepwakers
: Striding Crawling - with Claire Filmon
: Reading/The Bear in the Mirror
:News Animation - with Batyah Schachter

sea shell song of plumbing pipe
an anne morrow lindbergh of dance
the elegant shaking wonder
a poem of singular tone

 striding pausing retreating
 proclaiming gestures as a moving painting
old lady spirit falling in little ways
releasing to the dream of gravity
the political act of rolling on the floor
smushing one's nose into the ground

rolling the spiral

roulette is a new space
an open square
pregnant balcony
squaring its audience in the round

doing what one does
walking among the ribbits

crawling evolving devolving
to hands and knees

simplicity soundscore
the hippies among us = dancers
that counter culture - contact lions rough-housing among the frogs
stage as pond
all natural movement - horses, birds
literal child's play
in contrast to the freedom of abstraction

memories of escaping Italy in 1938 Jewish Italian chosen
Palestine ---> OWS, the european crisis
takes for granted the kindness of her life
"the money is making it that there's less and less stuff"
an email from a Japanese teacher who said they were told to stay in doors was the chance for him to stay home and paint and he was keeping the windows open
"it's different to read his email than articles"

dipping into the well of thoughts, imagination
in Vermont where there's not much money there is more bartering, more fresh fruits and vegetables
and when the plumbing backs up which it will if you live in VT, someone shows up in a week and you offer them tea and ask how their kids are doing and they fix your plumbing because this is the plumber.

"That's the solo."  A bag of potatoes drops to the floor.
Her skin tells her a lot of things.
Where do we go from here?
And what if you just wonder about the universe on your own, without religion?
The Israeli says that's impossible. In Israel, they want to know what is your authority.