Art and Truth.... Daisy, Apple and American Life

Mike Daisy, art and "the truth".... Another casualty of big business power guns shooting down the little guy to protect their image? Or is there something deeper about the way that fiction is more powerful than fact to inspire and change minds? I still think Daisy and TAL did a great thing by helping to bring this story into the public consciousness.  I'm also interested in see/read his work about JT Leroy and Stephen Glass.  Theater is all about the manipulation of experience to create affect.

Mike Daisey is shown in a scene from his play "The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs" at The Public Theater in New York., Courtesy Stan Barouh, The Public Theater via AP

How Mike Daisey's Zeal Got the Best of Him - The Daily Beast

And this from Lawrence Weschler on the fiction of non-fiction: