Notes from "Hitchcock"

Aesthetic comparison between "Psycho," "Silence of the Lambs" and "Hitchcock."  The cheesification of the performance of an artist performing on the edge, trying to evoke the aesthetics and yet reveal something more historical.  The role of the woman, the wife, the obsession, the fetishization of surveillance, the nefarious aspects of the late Eisenhower years - its prudish obsession with secrecy around sex and violence, the demonization of the queer.  The sexual repression of Hitchcock and the utter sexual frustration of the marriage of aesthetic minds battling and ultimately coming to celebrate on another, the dual of the sexes.  What "Psycho" says about Alma, feminism, misogyny.

How could Jonathan Demme be so devoted to Hitchcock, the master controller. What about the tragic, twisted, sociopathic queer.  Jodie Foster as contemporary Alma Hitchcock.

The brilliance of the casting - Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, the ultimate sexy older woman, brilliant inspiration actress.  Anthony Hopkins who made Hannibal Lector a household name, returns to play the master himself.  And Scarlett Johansson as the coquettish sex kitten California dumb actress with savy appeal and perky period appropriate physique.  Finally, the brilliant Toni Collette hiding behind the perfect proto-Mad Men all-knowing secretary who secretely writes the history.