Role of Chance in Success

Elise Spiegel's report on "Morning Edition" this morning, about an the role of chance 

has me thinking about this concept of "alternate realities."  Gilles Deleuze, in his book Cinema 2: The Time Image, talks about post-war cinema as representing a 'new' post-war relationship to time -- a relativity, in which multiple forms of time, past, present and future, as well as speculative time, such as non-real types of time such as dream and memory can co-exist, co-mingle and even become indistinguishable.

Perhaps, with our current collaboration with computer technologies, we are now seeing a kind of speculative time come to stand in for or even replace the formerly idiosyncratic, individual space of speculation.  It's a 21st century iteration of speculation which becomes unhinged from the personal and moves into a space of networked, collaborative, machine control over subjectivity.