Tarot Reading for the Bubble

Santa Cruz, CA, December 07, 2016

Where we are, in our present position is the completion card. The four of wands.

it’s the end of an era, we’ve reached the end of this cycle.

And we are crossed with Ruin.  10 of Swords. 

We broke it, our thoughts, our concept of how the world could be.  The sun in Libra can’t take the heat, justice is too powerful and perhaps we are burning in the face of all that is just.

It hurts to think.

Defeat is in our conscious thoughts.  Anything can be made to look bad. 

it’s a matter of perspective, which means, we’ve lost.  At least, in our conscious thoughts.

In our unconscious, the Knight of Cups holds out hope, that ever elusive home in which we can feel safe. We will go towards that dream.

In our recent past is the Success card, the six of disks, moon in cancer, thinking our slow and steady progress into a system.  We felt the Earth, and she felt us back.

In our near future, the Queen of Cups beckons to us to love ourselves, retreat, hide, become like a mirror to those and they might just not be able to perceive us.  Still waters provide reflections.

The Fool is who we are right now.

A grand zero, empty, ready to be filled. Full of the potential of our own most incautious imaginings.  The fool is an important card. The life force, the indeterminate potential of not knowing. Being open.  Throwing caution to the wind.  The trumpiest of all trump cards, the nothing, joker of the Major Arcana.

In our environment is The Lovers card, the cupid who binds us to our inverse, matched in some kind of perverse holy ordained matrimony.  The dark forces meeting the light.

Our hopes and fears are the worry card. Perhaps this is a worry that we aren’t worrying enough.

And yes, cruelty is our result.

And what I want to tell you is that,

it is necessary to feel, to understand that cruelty inflicts pain and see the blood that we shed while being stabbed in so many places in our minds. There will be blood and we will bleed.  

That might be the most human thing that we can do.

At least that’s what the cards say.

The only trumps are the lovers and the fool.

At least for today.